More about us

"Olinesa Premium" Ltd. is one of the fastest growing companies in Bulgaria. The name comes from the first two produced products - oil and mayonnaise. Since its inception in 1994 until today the company stands your company's values, principles and offers guaranteed quality and diversity. "Olinesa" produces environmentally friendly products which comply with the requirements for environmentally friendly food. With brand "Olinesa" are produced at present: finely groats and chutneys, various types of mayonnaise and emulsified sauces, ketchups, jams, different kinds of canned food, mustard, mayonnaise and milk salads and bottled sunflower oil, palm olein oil . The company employs highly qualified and well-trained workers and production facilities, warehouse and offices are located in an area of ​​20 acres in the town. Kostinbrod, 8 km from Sofia. "Olinesa" is a unique brand, built on a combination of impeccable quality, customer care, creativity and commitment to environmental protection.



We strive to offer our customers high quality, environmentally friendly products complying with the highest standards of nutrition and natural way of life in the world. We will continue to invest in production-oriented human health and environmental protection. We will invest our time, effort and inspiration to continually improve our products and develop new proposals aimed at dietary and appropriate for your children. We take care of people about our mission and provide them with a wide variety of high quality food products produced from specially selected, rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables.

Business principles and practices

"Olinesa" is committed to respecting the established global ethical standards in business, complying with local laws and respecting the cultural and religious values of its partners.

Commercial purpose of "Olinesa" is to create value for its customers, employees, business partners and the countries in which the products are sold. "Olinesa" is focused on strategic development and seek short-term profits. The company chose to invest in creating value and developing and have long its brand.

"Olinesa" knows that consumers trust the brand, its principles, beliefs and social responsibility, and that without them the company would not exist. We are convinced that the laws of each country is the best guarantee for a company to show social commitment to its employees, business partners and customers. In almost all parts management "Olinesa" has envisaged and implemented additional, higher demands on their employees to keep their promises to the people and strengthen the city for years image associated with excellent quality. "Olinesa" knows that the success of a company is based on the professionalism of the management team and its employees, so crucial for us are people, their values, their welfare and respect to workflow, as well as their professional and personal development. "Olinesa" is one of the leaders in food production on the Bulgarian market. The main principle of the company's tradition of quality!

Since its establishment until now "Olinesa" holds on these principles:

  • Good governance and good control.
  • Compliance with all legal requirements.
  • Teamwork.
  • Building a lasting and based on trust in the brand relationship with consumers.
  • Respect for cultural, social and religious traditions in all countries in which develops brand.
  • Building corporate strategy, consistent with the opinion of the people, employees and business partners.


Environmental protection is one of the priorities of the company. "Olinesa" reduced quantities of industrial waste and care for their processing. In charge of environmental protection has the task of monitoring indicators on control panels in each plant.

2002 "Olinesa" create "eight" ( "Olinesa" environmental management system ") to improve the performance of the company in the matter of environmental protection.

  • Preserve the natural resources, thanks to an efficient use of raw materials, water and energ

  • Improve the efficiency of manufacturing lines to reduce their impact on the environment.

  • The most ecological way to transport its products and to optimize its logistics flows.

  • Reduce the harmful gas emissions of any kind.


The management team of "Olinesa" pay utmost attention to the quality and safety of products. From 2002 have been developed and introduced Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Storage Practices (GSP), which at the end of 2004 grew into a system of safety management HACCP. Since 2009 it has been developed, implemented and certified the International Food Standard IFS. Certified company e Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.